Finding Chula Vista VA Loans

veterans-1054317_960_720Chula Vista is a great area for veterans looking to buy a home in the San Diego Area. If you are looking to live in Chula Vista, a VA Loan may make the decision easier. One of the biggest advantages of a VA Loan is that there is no down payment- meaning that you may be able to put less money upfront to buy a home in Chula Vista than you would have to place on a security deposit for an apartment or home in the city of San Diego.

For active-duty military, veterans, or spouses of deceased military members, you may immediately apply for a VA Mortgage. If you are National Guard or a reservist, you will become eligible after six-year, or after 181 days if called to active duty. Benefits of VA Loans include no private monthly mortgage insurance (PMI), no pre-payment penalty, and 100% financing. Many veterans who purchase homes in Chula Vista use VA Loans, as well as those looking to refinance homes they already own. Another use for a VA Loan is a cash-out refinance which turns your home equity into cash for projects such as home improvements or remodels.

Before applying for a VA Loan, you will need to acquire your Certificate of Eligibility (COE). This is required and will help to avoid delays in the VA Loan process.

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Living in Chula Vista

An increasing number of veterans are using a VA Loan to move to Chula Vista because of its affordability, proximity to San Diego, and diverse community. The 14th largest city in California, Chula Vista had a population of 243,916 as of the 2010 Census. Just eight miles from downtown San Diego, the city has seen rapid population growth in the new millennium. A vibrant city by itself, Chula Vista has schools, restaurants, entertainment, and tourist attractions.

There are many neighborhoods in Chula Vista, including Castle Park, Eastlake, Eastlake Vistas, Harbor Side, Otay, Otay Ranch, Rancho del Rey, Rolling Hills Ranch, Salt Creek Ranch, Sunny Vista, Terra Nova, and Village Center. If you’re looking to live near the beach, Bayside Park, Mid-Bayfront Harbor Side, and Fruitdale offer beachfront properties or proximity to San Diego Bay. Eastlake is a growing suburban area due to its quality schools and newer homes.

Chula Vista has gained some national prominence in recent years due to the US Olympic Training Center. Outdoor types will also love the Bayshore Bikeway, 24 miles of bike trails with unique scenery. The city also boasts unique wildlife such as owls, egrets, and herons.

Chula Vista is a great place to raise a family due to its safe, residential environment. With easy access to shopping, fine cuisine, and entertainment, Chula Vista is perfect for single veterans, young families, and empty-nesters.

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