Finding California VA Loans

jet-3888670_960_720If you are a veteran looking to buy a home in California, then a VA Loan may be your best option. With no down payment, and the VA regulating closing costs, as well as allowing the seller to contribute to closing costs, you may be able to get into your California dream home upfront for less than a security deposit on a house or condo in other parts of the state.

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Benefits of California VA Loans

VA Loans can be acquired in San Diego County for home loans up to $2 million. Reservists and members of the National Guard will become eligible after six years, although if you are called for active duty, you will become eligible after only 181 days. In addition to no down payment and regulated closing costs, other benefits of a VA Loan include no private monthly mortgage insurance (PMI), no pre-payment penalty, and 100% financing. Veterans can also use the VA loan to refinance a home they already own.  Either to simply reduce the rate or pull cash out. The cash-out can be used for anything the Veteran chooses.   Such as replenishing reserves, purchasing an investment property, paying off debt, or making home improvements.

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