Absolutely the best experience. Ken Reed has the highest moral fortitude with his customers always first. His communication, availability and follow through from beginning to end, is what blows away his competition. I have personally used Ken twice for refinancing my home, he has also assisted many of my closest friends in getting into their own homes.
-Marc R

For over two years, my fiancé and I repaired poor credit and saved everything we could with the hopes of owning a home. In addition to our hard work, this would be our very first house buying experience. We faced not only the fear of the unknown (What can we really afford? Who do we need to work with? How do we even place a bid?) but we did so at the very high stakes of all our previous effort. Yet I sit typing this review inside my beautiful home, confident in our financial decisions and future. All of this is greatly due to the efforts of Kenneth (Ken) Reed, who more than a handful of times went above and beyond his call of duty to not only represent us in the process, but to truly guide and protect us. We hit a number of roadblocks along the way: including a realtor who didn't represent us whatsoever (preferring to ignore our phone calls in the midst of escrow) and a seller who tried to strong arm us into using a lending firm that would have costs us thousands more than Ken. Nevertheless, Ken powered through it all, even giving us solid advice for the short period we conceded to using the seller's lender, and still managed to close escrow within 21 days, start to finish. The man is a modern day superhero- just with a particular interest in the lending business. My (now) husband and I will always work with Ken concerning any future property transaction; we are absolutely confident that we have found the best.
-Stephanie S

The loan process was not easy for me especially trying to have another mortgage for another property. But the Loan Officer Ken Reed guided me through it. The loan process was done in two weeks. For me, it was a right decision to go with SD Funding.
-Robert K

Kenneth Reed is a freaking superstar! As a first time home buyer, all of the mortgage mumbo jumbo was Greek to me and Ken Reed simplified it and explained all of my options. In terms of knowledge and cutting through the BS, Ken is the man. His GFE was not only the best I received but it was also extremely accurate. He is also extremely punctual in getting back to you and keeping you in the loop of things, unlike my realtor but that is another review. Ken is a solid mortgage adviser and more importantly a genuine person. He is honest, hardworking and gets the job done right! I recommend him to all my friends and family. Thanks again for all your help Ken, in advising me on the mortgage and helping me get my first home with an amazing rate!
-Glenn F

Outstanding support, very responsive, and highly recommended professional! Besides the great rates, San Diego Funding also has the best loan consultant the city has to offer! Ask for Ken Reed when calling San Diego Funding. He has been an exceptional loan consultant. I have dealt with quite a few and can say with certainty he is by far the most timely and responsive consultant I know. He personally handled and answered every question I had with clarity and speed no matter the time of day which made the process go extremely smooth. He was dedicated throughout the entire process.
-David H.

My fiancé and I came to San Diego Funding to get a home loan for our new house and let me say it was the best thing we ever did. Ken Reed was the loan officer that helped us and he was by far, the most honest and patient loan officer that we talked to during our search for a home. I really enjoyed working with him and would use him again in a New York minute! Recommending him is the least I could do to show my appreciation. You won't regret your decision using Ken Reed.
-John B.

Ken went above and beyond to get me approved. I was scheduled to go out of the country and he worked nonstop for my loan to go through before I leave. He was always available to answer my questions and dealing with my credit issues. I will definitely recommend Ken to anyone ready to buy or refinance their property.
-Aida G.

He was great. He has great follow up. He is extremely helpful, even with things that didn't have to do with is loan. Overall A's in price, quality, responsiveness, punctuality and professionalism.
-Aaron D

It was good. He was always available when we needed him to answer our questions. Overall A's in price, quality, responsiveness, punctuality and professionalism.
-Niki P

I couldn’t have asked for a better loan officer. We were going through a tough short-sale that lasted seven long months. Every step of the way Ken was there to answer any question we had. As busy as he is, he always found the time to read our lengthy emails and respond. Then when we were crunched for time, Ken managed to process all the necessary paperwork and get it to escrow in time for closing. I am very happy we chose SD Funding and we were very fortunate to have Ken Reed as our loan officer.
-Anthony Y.

We were just coming out of a bankruptcy, my wife and I were trying to repair our credit so we could purchase our first home. We did not know how to do this or about qualifying or about APR's or anything loan related. All of this was answered by Ken Reed. The experience and courtesy went beyond our expectations and thanks to him we still own our beautiful property in Chula Vista. Ken's advice is always appreciated in our book. I already recommend Ken Reed to various family members and friends. To us we know the we have found the best of the best. Recommending Ken is the least I could do to show my appreciation and trust. You won’t regret your decision using Ken Reed!!
-J and Alma M

I came out the darkness of the Real Estate crisis which began in 2007 until 2010 when I went through the short sale process. I am a recent retiree, from the state of California. I was convinced that I would never be a home owner within the rest of my lifetime. Subsequently, I meet Ken Reed and my life changed! He is the most knowledgeable home financing professional I have ever met. (I have owned five homes in the past, and have worked as a real estate agent also, so I know what I am talking about). Ken restored in me the opportunity to own a home, which to me is the most important aspect of The American Dream.
I will always be grateful to Ken for his many phone calls, e-mails and office visits where Ken reassured me of that American Dream to be a home owner again!! Ken spent many hours explaining to me the financing process, giving me advice, and keeping in contact with my realtor, Kelly Luu. I will be meeting with Ken within the next year or two to discuss more financing options.

-Bernie V.

I have worked with Ken for four years. He has helped me refinance my property as well as helped several of my clients in the purchase and refinance of their properties. Ken is outstanding! Ken's level of customer service is unmatched. He gets all the details and presents all the options so clients can make the most informed decision. He never pushes. He is always fair and always helpful. And fast! He closed one transaction of mine in 13 days! One of the best attributes that Ken has is that he doesn't like surprises. Ken does an outstanding job of taking care of the details upfront so that when it's time for funding, there are no last minute problems. There are a lot of lenders out there, many are very good. But I'm loyal to Ken because of his high level of service, his availability when I need him, and his strong communication skills.
-Jim L.

Ken helped me keep my house when I was forced on disability. Kenny treats you as family and goes overboard for you. Explains every detail to you answers every questions, takes time with you to make sure you feel good with loan.
-Valley C Sr.

Reviewed the loan application thoroughly in language we understood. Explained in detail all information pertaining to the loan process. Was cordial and professional. Ken guided us through the loan process with the upmost professionalism. Buying home is a stressful experience, but through Ken's help we were able to facilitate the buy of our home.
-Robert G.

Ken is truly an amazing person. He is professional, genuine, and prompt. We first meet Ken when purchasing our first home. As you know, purchasing your first home can be extremely terrifying. My husband and I wanted to make sure we were in good hands and making the right informed choices. Ken went above and beyond for us. He patiently took the time to explain the process to us; we were always notified about everything that was taking place. One of our favorite things about Ken is how personal and honest he is. Ken will not do anything that jeopardizes his clients or his career just because it is what you want to hear. He puts all the facts and scenarios out on the table and allows you to make the best decision. After purchasing our first home, a year later Ken contacted us to inform us the interest rates on homes had dropped and we could refinance; he gave us all the facts and again, held our hand through the process. We now have a killer interest rate and a lower mortgage, all because Ken notified us. Ken never forgets his clients and is always thinking about their best interest. Just recently, we had contacted Ken regarding some financial decisions and buying a second home. Ken sat down with us over the phone and gave us advice on what options we have available and what would be in our best interest (ie: selling or keeping our first home). Although we will not be purchasing our second home for a few more years, we know what the expectation is and what financial decisions we have to make in order to move forward. There is absolutely no pressure with Ken because he knows eventually the time will come that we will work together again. We will only use Ken in the future because he is that good.
-Katie Q.

He did a tremendous job getting me a loan on a property when no one else could. I had failed to get a loan with two other lenders. I went with Ken and he was also able to do it in a very short period of time. He saved my home purchase. "A" grades all the way! Price "A", Quality "A", Responsiveness "A", Punctuality "A", Professionalism "A".
-Marvin H.

Outstanding Mortgage Brokerage service and the best Mortgage Broker experience ever. A's across the board.
-Gerald J.

Ken was responsible as our loan officer to provide us with the best interest rate. He also helped us put together our loan application papers & answer our many questions. He was very helpful and honest and we appreciated his willingness to answer questions. He was very knowledgeable & professional while bringing out key options to give us savings.
-Robert and Aurelie L.

Ken worked with me to go through the challenges that I faced over the last 10 years. He helped me come up with a strategy early last year to qualify for a new home loan with closing costs. Over the course of the next 8 months, I followed that strategy to the letter and was finally pre-approved the end of February 2014. Ken is very knowledgeable and thorough. He does not make a mistake. What he tells you will happen is what happens. There are no hidden surprises or costs. He is excellent at coming up with a strategy. He follows through. He is very responsive, responding to calls and emails after work and during the weekends. He worked well with our real estate agent as well as the listing agent. He is detail oriented. We locked in a great 30-year rate. He provided us with negotiation strategies that reduced our closing costs from $11,000 to a little over $2000 on our VA loan. He even pointed us to a home insurance agent that saved us over $1000 on our hazard insurance as well as $70/month on our auto insurance plans. Two Thumbs Up for Ken and San Diego Funding. The home buying process is stressful, but it went smoothly for us.
-Rene T.

Ken Reed is awesome. He helped my husband and I refinance our home to a 30 year low fixed rate VA loan. He is very dedicated, knowledgeable and patient. We have recommended him to all our co-workers and friends. Very professional and excellent service.
-Joann G

It is our pleasure to recommend Mr. Ken Reed. Our real estate agent, Mrs. Kelly Luu, introduced us to Mr. Reed and we are so pleased she did. Ken was very easy to work with and quick to respond to all of our questions and concerns, and we had many. He checked in with us frequently and demonstrated kindness and professionalism throughout the process. Due to his years of experience and the constant research he conducts in his field of expertise, he helped us lock in at a great rate for our new home. We would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Reed and encourage you to seek him out for a solid, helpful, professional lending experience.
-Eugenia and David S

I met Ken during early part of my Real Estate career in year 2000. Thought maybe I should try this sweet looking boy as my loan officer. Sure enough, he was and still is everything I expected from a loan officer. Never look any further. Though I have tried other services, I always end up going back to him. He is the true meaning of honesty, integrity and hard work. Ken is WOW!!, as in:
W - onderful
O - ver and above expectation
W - inner

-Nelia U

We first worked with Ken Reed when purchasing our first home back in 2002. He showed such a great combination of professionalism and caring that we came back to him 11 years later to refinance the very same home. Over a decade later, his quality of work hasn't changed. The whole process was flawless, both times. He was always available to answer our questions and he went above and beyond our expectations of him. Would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a home loan.
-Hermie and Grace F

I was referred to Ken by one of my Mother's friends. I had no idea what buying a house entails and how stressful it was. I bought a home 4 years ago and Ken was very knowledgeable and very patient with me! I was looking for a year and he was always willing to help me with the prospective homes I was interested in. I worked with a few realtors and they were very impressed with him too! He just has this welcoming personality and he never made me feel like a burden to him. Even if it's a questions at 9pm. He was quick to respond and very professional. I highly recommend him because he did all the stressful things for me and I didn't have to worry about anything. 5 stars for responsiveness, knowledge, helpfulness and follow through!
-Marisol S

Ken was our loan officer in purchasing our dream home. He was very responsive and efficient. He was honest in all our documentation from loan application to closing our home. Ken was always ahead of schedule and fairly priced. I have only met one loan officer in San Diego with utmost integrity, ethics and trustworthiness and it's Ken Reed.
-Sofi L

Kenny, provided me with all the information I needed to make a good decision on the timing to complete my refi. I feel like I get personalized service and he is always looking out for my best interest. Kenny has earned my business for life as well as personal referrals. Through my history of working with Kenny he has always kept his word and proven his integrity. Every funding I have completed with Kenny was stress free and completed as promised without any curve balls.
-Valley C Jr.

I was a U.S. Navy Chief, Master at Arms, (21 years) retired, and Federal Law Enforcement Officer, (Police Supervisor) 27 years. Kenneth L. Reed, San Diego Funding, was introduced to us by a friend who had their property refinanced. As soon as I touched base with Ken I knew right away that he was the Loan Officer who could help us with our needs. Being that my wife and I are retired and on a fixed income, we suddenly realized how hard it was to pay two mortgages, especially with on our Poway home. When we approached Ken, he assured us that he could help us. Ken did his math and worked a miracle. He cris-crossed his numbers and went beyond his duties. He worked many hours, and came up with a solution. It did work and all was approved. Ken, my wife, Portia and I can't thank you enough for your professionalism. At no time did we hear you complain about the hard work time consumption. Yet you prove a lot of people wrong including our previous lender. She doesn't want anything to do with our refinance. Thank you so much Ken, I hope you'll be a Loan Officer for life, because people need you to help them like you did to us. We are looking forward to working with you soon.
-Ernie G

Ken Reed is the loan officer that assisted me in getting my mortgage loan. He was thorough in explaining things. He gave me the best rate (compared to my credit union) and was constantly updating me on the status of my loan. He worked with me to the day I received my key to the townhouse. He was very transparent with the his work.
- Maricel Z.

All went great! Ken Reed gets the job done with little to no inconvenience to the consumer. This was the second time Ken Reed worked on my loans and both went great and seamless. I highly recommend Ken Reed to work on anybody's loan. Thanks Ken
- Jorge C

Mr. Reed is an extraordinary lender. He has incredible knowledge and patience when working with home buyers and refinances. Mr. Reed is extremely honest and trustworthy. We have referred many of our real estate clients to him, and have always had positive experiences.
- Jeff B

We have just completed a new home purchase with funding through San Diego Funding and our loan officer was Ken Reed. We just wanted to make you aware (as I'm sure you already are), that Ken was outstanding to work with and his professionalism is handling our loan was nothing short of exceptional. His personalized service was a comfort to both my husband and I. He lead us through every facet of our loan and communicated with us at all times. Ken was never too busy to take our calls and questions and was always finding ways to make the process easy and reassuring. Your company and Ken in particular has earned our gratitude and respect. If we can in any way let people know that SD Funding and Ken Reed is the place to go for your lending needs you can be assured that we will tell everyone we know. Thank you so much for having an associate like Ken in your employ. He was a perfect for us and our lending needs and we will be forever grateful. Thank you again and please pass on our gratitude and appreciation Ken.
-Frankie and Charles C

There clearly wasn't enough space to write all that I wanted to about your excellent service. Honestly, I can definitively say that we would not be in this house now had it not been for your wonderful patience, your helpful information and education, and your extraordinary attention to detail. You made a frightening and long process so very straightforward for us and you always made us feel that we were your top priority. I'm sure we weren't always - but it's awfully nice to feel that way, especially when it's such a complicated and challenging procedure. I truly enjoyed working with you, and I'd would love to work with you again -- maybe for a refi in several months! Again, thank you for everything you did - we couldn't have do it without you!!
I hope you are well and have a wonderful summer with your family, Ken!

- Sally H



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